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Special: Insights into fundraising from VCs

Inspired by numerous requests of our listeners, we have created some special episodes based on different key themes. We put together the best pieces of timeless advice that we found most insightful from all the conversations with founders and VCs that we have published so far. In this first episode, the particular focus is on one of tech’s most important topics: Raising money from venture capital investors. We hope you enjoy!

01 – Pawel Chudzinski (Point Nine Capital)
[01:38 – 03:15] Why tech startups usually need to raise money
[03:16 – 05:02] Criteria that Point Nine Capital assesses when making investment decisions
[05:03 – 06:47] On the importance and best practices of a good pitch deck

02 – Philipp Pausder (Thermondo)
[06:52 – 07:45] Why VCs invest more into complex business models nowadays
[07:46 – 08:19] Large markets that have lots of potential and VCs like to invest in

03 – Julian Riedlbauer (GP Bullhound)
[08:24 – 10:03] How founders can leave a lasting impression with their pitch

04 – Claude Ritter (Cavalry Ventures)
[10:07 – 11:55] Soft factors that influence an investment decision

05 – Jasper Masemann (HV Holtzbrinck Ventures)
[11:59 – 12:59] How founders can differentiate themselves and positively ‚wow‘ VCs
[13:00 – 14:03] What not to do when pitching to VCs

06 – Luis Hanemann (e.ventures)
[14:07 – 16:41] Personal learnings of a founder who turned VC

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BONUS: How record fundraising & the health care issue are helping Dems in the midterms (18 Oct 18)

This excerpt deals with the overwhelming advantage Democrats have in fundraising heading in to the midterm congressional elections in three weeks, and why it matters. We conclude with a discussion of how the health care debate is successfully motivating voters to support Democrats.

This is a 9-minute excerpt of the hour and 22 minute episode. You can hear the entire episode, and support the UnPresidented Podcast, by becoming a subscriber over at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/22109594

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INSIGHTS #12: Digging deeper into Fundraising with Abhiraj Bhal from UrbanClap

Today, we are looking at the same topic from an entrepreneurs’ perspective. We are chatting with Abhiraj Bhal, co-founder and CEO of UrbanClap, a path-breaking company in the Home Services space which has grown from zero to over 300K transactions per month in just over 3.5 years and still growing at a phenomenal pace (3–4x per year).

We are again going to divide the topic into two sub-topics — 1) picking who to raise funds from and 2) the process of fundraising. Key topics covered in this short 30 minute podcast are outlined below.

Picking who to raise funds from

What are the factors to consider before picking who to raise funds from?
How did Abhiraj connect with his Angel Investors and VCs?
Importance of having an experienced Angel as an investor
Avoidable mistakes while picking your initial source of capital
Tips on the fundraising process

How long should someone budget for fundraising?
Tips on preparing your investor pitch — the What, How and Why methodology
Importance of story-telling as a founder and how to practice that and get feedback
Being completely open with the investor and why that is important
Best way to connect with the investor
Initial pitch to term-sheet — the process from an entrepreneurs’ perspective

In the next episode, we are going to hear from an entrepreneur who is a master at Story-telling — a very essential skill for fundraising as well as for recruiting and retaining employees. If there are any specific questions that are top of mind for you, please do share as a comment below or tweet us at @Accel_India

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The Future of Fundraising – Lucy Gower

Kate Nicholson-Russell, Marketing Manager at Flow Caritas, talks to Lucy Gower of Lucidity about crowdfunding and viral storytelling.

You can read Lucy’s blog about crowdfunding at The Fundraiser: https://www.charitychoice.co.uk/the-fundraiser/why-you-should-be-testing-crowdfunding/642

Theme music: Slow Burn by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

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