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Special: Insights into fundraising from VCs

Inspired by numerous requests of our listeners, we have created some special episodes based on different key themes. We put together the best pieces of timeless advice that we found most insightful from all the conversations with founders and VCs that we have published so far. In this first episode, the particular focus is on one of tech’s most important topics: Raising money from venture capital investors. We hope you enjoy!

01 – Pawel Chudzinski (Point Nine Capital)
[01:38 – 03:15] Why tech startups usually need to raise money
[03:16 – 05:02] Criteria that Point Nine Capital assesses when making investment decisions
[05:03 – 06:47] On the importance and best practices of a good pitch deck

02 – Philipp Pausder (Thermondo)
[06:52 – 07:45] Why VCs invest more into complex business models nowadays
[07:46 – 08:19] Large markets that have lots of potential and VCs like to invest in

03 – Julian Riedlbauer (GP Bullhound)
[08:24 – 10:03] How founders can leave a lasting impression with their pitch

04 – Claude Ritter (Cavalry Ventures)
[10:07 – 11:55] Soft factors that influence an investment decision

05 – Jasper Masemann (HV Holtzbrinck Ventures)
[11:59 – 12:59] How founders can differentiate themselves and positively ‚wow‘ VCs
[13:00 – 14:03] What not to do when pitching to VCs

06 – Luis Hanemann (e.ventures)
[14:07 – 16:41] Personal learnings of a founder who turned VC

Source by Startup Notes

Ep. 9: Maher Arar from CauseSquare on Mobile Fundraising

Maher Arar was one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2007, he has a Ph.D. in wireless communication and is now the CEO at CauseSquare – a mobile first online fundraising company trying to help organizations raise money faster.

In this episode, Maher shares more about his entrepreneurial journey starting out selling popcorn as a child in Damascus, the importance and value of mobile when it comes to fundraising, and some challenges innovating and working in the nonprofit space.

Some books Maher recommends in the pod: To Sell Is Human, Nail It Then Scale It, Cause for Change, Dollar Dash, and Hooked.

Source by The Good Journey Pod