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St. Claude de la Colombiere, Divine Providence, and Fundraising

I think the measuring bar for Catholics who want to fundraise is linking your campaigns with the wisdom of the saints. I think that is why my fundraising campaigns have thrived all these years. It’s because I always use the saints and Church teaching as the foundation.

Today, let me share with you how divine providence connects with fundraising. 

Catholics who fundraise often say, « I trust in divine providence when it comes to finding donations. »

What does that REALLY mean?

I’ve put some serious thought into the question, and St. Claude de la Colombiere gave me the answer. He wrote a fantastic document titled, Trustful Surrender to Divine Providence. 

What Saint Claude says and how it connects with fundraising may surprise you. Check it  out:

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Trivia Night Fundraising Event – Major Sponsor – Moneygram interview

Triple H 100.1FM is undertaking a fundraising Trivia Night on August 24, 2019. MoneyGram is the major sponsor of the event.

An interview of key representatives of the company was held to acquaint the listeners of the services the company offers and also how it serves the community through the MoneyGram Foundation, and sponsorships of community events.

Interviewees are Gerry Camacho and Kit Rivera, who are both based in Manila. Gerry is Marketing Manager of MoneyGram PHILIPPINES. He handles all the promotions and advertising of MoneyGram in the Philippines. Kit is the International Sales Manager of MoneyGram PHILIPPINES. Kit has been with the company for 3 years, but has worked in the remittance industry for at least 6 years. He handles partnerships with agents like Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuillier, Palawan Pawnshop, BDO, BPI and Metrobank.

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Fundraising i Danmark E2: Viggo Rasmussen

Fundraising tager tid, og man er nødt til at sætte sig ind i formålsparagrafferne hos de fonde, hvor man søger, fortæller Viggo Rasmussen, som har arbejdet med fundraising som både frivilig ildsjæl og professionel fundraiser i Skanderborg Kommune, som har skaffet mange til projekter. Vi har inviteret Viggo til en snak om, hvad der er et godt og støtteværdigt projekt, samt hvad der gør den positive forskel i en ansøgning. Viggo fortæller bl.a. om, hvordan man søger midler til forskellige projekter som fx en kortblander, et forsamlingshus og et stort og nationalt kulturarvsprojekt.

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Flash Fundraising with Matt Scott, CEO & Co-Founder of CauseMic

How do you respond to a natural disaster or breaking news story that’s relevant to your organization? What can you do to plan and prepare for these opportunities? Matt Scott, CEO & Co-Founder of CauseMic, discusses his time at Team Rubicon and working with other nonprofits on these ‘flash fundraising’ strategies.

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Flash Fundraising:

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