Rugby Unique Fundraising Ideas

For the past 9 years my son has played rugby for our local team. I always remember taking him alone the year England won the 2003 World Cup. In fact England had won just view weeks after we joined. Almost from the start the team was always looking for unique fundraising ideas to help pay for equipment and social events for the players and their families.

To be honest not much was done by the existing guys who ran the squad. You have to remember that they all gave up their own time for free, so asking them to also set up and arrange fundraising would be asking too much.

We held a couple of old fashioned quiz nights. My god I never realized how much effort goes into running one of those evenings. Arranging all the questions (yes the internet does help) but let me tell you now. If you intend to copy this idea and hold a quiz night, ENSURE you have proof of the correct answers because you will always get one or two people who want to argue with the answers given.

The quiz nights where not a bad ideas actually and helped raise over £ 500 on each occasion. However as I said they did take some organizing and the simple fact was that the players and parents did not seem to grasp the idea that they really needed to bring family and friends alone to help contribute to the pot!

We also held a couple of discos over the course of a couple of years. Once again these fundraising events proved very successful, but time consuming; arranging hall hire, DJ's etc.

Then over time I took over coaching the side and then finally becoming Head Coach of the section. I know this sounds bad, but as soon as I took over I wanted to increase the fundraising to allow the boys to get track suits, hoodies etc.

So I sat down and tried to think of new and unique fundraising ideas to obtain the new equipment. Don't get me wrong we continued with the quiz nights etc. However people do become bored of quiz nights.

It was my wife in fact who came up with a new fundraising idea. We were sitting down one Saturday night, we had just watched a movie when the lottery results came up. Once again I had won some money (£ 15,000) but that is another story.

So we both sat there having a nice glass of wine, celebrating yet another lottery win, when she came up with the idea that she could sell 49 numbers each Sunday (UK Lotto – uses 49 numbers). Basically 1 – 49. The wining number would be which ever the BONUS BALL! Was. The Winner would win half the pot.

So the maximum anyone could win, would be £ 24.50, with £ 24.50 going into the squad's fund. On weeks no-one selected the winning number, ALL the money would be added to the ever increasing fund.

You won't believe how keen parents were to join. Let's be honest, being asked for just £ 1 a week is nothing compared with continually being asked to attend a quiz night. Plus they had the chance to win some money as well.

So over the next couple of seasons, we raised quite a bit on money. It allowed us buy kit as well as take the players away on tour etc.

Then once again my wife came up with an even better fundraising idea. She said that I should combine my knowledge Lottery Systems together with fundraising. Which truly enabled us to develop this unique fundraising idea?

We set up a Lottery Syndicate with the parents. Using my Lottery Winning System (20 years proven) and waited to see what happened. Now obviously a lot of people will tell you that no system will work. I love people who say that.

3 weeks after starting the syndicate we won £ 18,000. Since then we have won quite a bit more. In fact this year we are all flying out to South Africa to play in a tournament out there. ALL paid for by the Lottery System. Obviously if you would like more details, simply click the lottery play link below.

Source by James Ken Young

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