055 Gearing Up For Year – End Fundraising

Something that will be on your radar soon if it isn’t already is year-end fundraising. This week I’m sharing more tips on how to get yourself ready for the big year-end push, why it’s important to your organization, and a quick event fundraising tip to add a few extra dollars to your bottom line. Links below.
Infographic on year-end fundraising: https://blog.winspireme.com/must-share-stats-on-year-end-giving-infographic
Ep. 8 Fundraising Prep: http://virtualexecutivedirector.com/index.php/2017/10/09/podcast-episode-8-fundraising-prep/
Fundraising Intensive: https://virtual-executive-director.teachable.com/p/5-steps-to-fundraising-success/

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